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Learn Web Strategy: Learn. Build. Grow.


Learn all the ins and outs of designing your own website whether it is for business or personal.  In the Web Development Strategy course you will be able to understand web development, create your own website, and find out what you need to know to get ahead in today’s online world.


Build your business by learning how to design an effective website that engages your visitors.  Create a mobile friendly website that reaches the 90% (58% Smartphone)of Americans that use mobile phones looking for your business.


Grow your business with learning how to integrate your website with search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) and on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  As of December 2013, 73% of adults participate in a social media network of some kind.  Learn how to capture a new audience through online marketing campaigns.Learn Web Strategy

Learn Web Strategy:  My Mission

I have created this website with the mission to help artists and small businesses create better websites and content within their websites.

Learn Web Strategy:  Services Offered

I work with a great company that gives classes on how to build and grow a company’s online presence.  We give support during these classes and after completing the 8 week course.  You can find more information about these classes at googlewebsitepro.com.

Learn Web Strategy:  My Promise

I promise to help all my clients with all their web development needs in a timely manor.  I will support your business and goals throughout the learning process.

Learn Web Strategy:  Advisor

I am a certified website advisor and you can view my credentials at the web development advisor website.  I look forward to working with many small businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs to help them learn, build, and grow their online presence.


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