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Web Development Solution For Artists & Small Businesses

Web Development Solution For Artists & Small Businesses

Have you ever needed a job done on your website and wanted to easily contact your developer?   Would you like to know what that job would cost before you asked to have it done?  The Web Development App developed by A1WebsitePro will help you do all that and more!

web development solution

Web Development Solution #1: Website Work Request

The web development app will allow you to request work to be done on all your websites. The app stores your websites and allows you to easily request work for one website or multiple sites. Once you have scheduled work to be done, you can track the progress to see how soon your job will be finished.

Web Development Solution #2: Free Estimate

You would like some work to be done on your website but you do not know how much it would cost to complete the task.  The web development application allows you to see how much the work you requested would cost to be completed by one of our highly skilled developers.  There are multiple options such as: creating a video for your website, setting up Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, setting up social media pages for your business, and much more!

Web Development Solution #3: Schedule Custom Services

You are out with some friends or colleagues and you have a killer idea for your website that you want to relay to your developer right away before you forget.  It’s easy with the Web Development App!  Just select CUSTOM SERVICE on the app, write down your ideas and send it.  You will receive an email confirmation of your request. Once the job is scheduled, you will receive another confirmation on when your work will begin.  You can also set a budget so you know that the work your requesting will fit your finances.

Web development solution courseWeb Development Solution #4: Web Development Strategy Course

You want to get ahead in your business and have decided that taking our 4 week course on Web Development Strategy would be the best way to improve your website on your own.  It’s an easy to enroll on the Web Development App.  Select Web Development Strategy tab within the menu and pick the best time to enroll.  It’s that easy!web development solution advisor

Web Development Solution #5: Easy Contact with your Advisor

Your Web Development Advisor is available for you to contact easily with the app.  Select CONTACT YOUR ADVISOR within the menu, write your message and then click send.  Your professional advisor will return your message ASAP. You should select your advisor within the account settings menu as soon as you set up your account since they offer discounts to their clients.

web development solution mobile devicesWeb Development Solution #6: It’s FREE and available for any device!!

The Web Development App is free to download on any device.  Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry device, you can download the app easily to stay connected to your website advisor/developer and updated on your work requested.

Video Summary:

This video will show you exactly how the app works.

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